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What happens when you cross four hunks from Ohio and a great cause?

An anti-cyberbullying viral video with a whole lot of heart… and even a bit of humor.

Recently STOPit* teamed up with YouTube superstars The Cream Pies in a collaboration that helped inspire the bands new song, “Be Strong”, an ode to keeping your head up in the face of adversity and bullying.

Since their recent stint on The Ellen Show, The Cream Pies have become likely hometown heroes and after a sit down with the STOPit team, they found that their new relationship with teens and tweens on social media had opened up a new conversation about social responsibility.

When STOPit approached the band about a possible collaboration, our team was happy to see that the band members had found themselves in the new position of “Overnight Role Models”. Stevie Brock, the Michael Jackson-like crooner of the band, said, “We had a young boy that had reached out to us over social media and was telling us how his day-to-day bullying experiences both at school and online, made it tough to cope with his peers. He looked up to us for inspiration towards what he can be when he graduates and grows up.”

Moments like this helped the guys see that there was a way they could help their young fans and give back to their viewers… and thus, their anti-cyberbullying collaboration with STOPit began!

YOU can help kids all around the world stand up to cyberbullying TODAY by watching the “Be Strong” video and sharing it with the world!

To see the video: (link)

*STOPit is an anti-cyberbullying school program and nationally recognized mobile phone application that helps empower students, parents, and teachers all over the country stand up to cyberbullies. We believe that, “Together let’s make the world a better place.