STOPit empowers students, schools, and parents fight cyberbullying

STOPit is helping students, schools and parents stand up against cyberbullying.

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Sgt. Tom Rich and STOPit are protecting kids from cyberbullies.

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 STOPit contests promote standing up to cyberbullying in schools

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FRIENDit is an anonymous way to report cyberbullying

way to help victims.

Become an upstander. FRIENDit gives you the power to help cyberbullying victims by capturing offensive material and sending it to trusted adults.

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About Stop It

Each year, thousands of adolescents report that they have been personally cyberbullied—or that they’ve witnessed a cyberbullying incident.

Electronic harassment is a pervasive problem that, until now, has been nearly impossible to combat. The STOPit app is an affordable, anti-bullying security solution. Offering protection for kids and peace of mind for parents, the app is easily installed on your student’s Apple or Android devices. Trusted by schools and districts across the country, it’s a smart affordable deterrent. Preloaded schools database includes public and private K-12 as well as Colleges and Universities.

While education and awareness are critical to bullying prevention, the STOPit team believes that the key to dealing with cyberbullying is empowerment. Putting innovative tools in the hands of our tech-savvy teens, we enable them to take protective and preventative measures against cyberbullies.

STOPit empowers the Future to make the difference Today!

When Connected Get Protected.


Available in two versions. The individual version enabling parents to empower their kids and the school version that enables schools to empower their entire student body to fight cyberbullying.  STOPit was designed to:

  • Safely and confidentially report cyberbullying incidents to school administrators and trusted adults.
  • Become an upstander rather than a bystander by reporting cyberbullying attacks against friends or schoolmates.
  • Reach out for emotional and psychological support.
  • Document electronic transmissions for future investigation.
  • Preloaded schools database includes public and private K-12 as well as Colleges and Universities. When Connected Get Protected.

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who
don’t do anything about it.”

Albert Einstein