How It Works

With the STOPit mobile app, you can stand up for yourself and others on social media. It’s never been easier to do the right thing:


stopit-for-schools-v31)      Download STOP!T.

Available from iTunes, Google Play, or the Windows Phone Store. An Intellicode from a participating school is required to activate.

2)      Input your Trusted Adults.

Your trusted adults could include a parent or guardian, aunt or uncle, a favorite teacher, club leader, or sports coach, a school counselor, or a close family friend. Once you program your trusted adults, you’ll be able to reach out to them instantly. School contacts are pre-programmed.

3)      Be protected.

When you see something online that’s not okay, whether directed at you or a friend or peer, use the STOPit app to let a trusted adult know right away. You can send messages and/or screenshots directly to the trusted adult(s) of your choice – even anonymously.

Learn more about the STOPit School Program